Julian Bailey Designs

Julian Bailey Designs

Soulful creations for those with exotic, edgy beauty in mind


I'm Kimberly Hawthorne, television and film actor, and creative force behind Julian Bailey Designs.  I created Julian Bailey Designs in 2005, first primarily working with gold and beads.  After taking a workshop in Precious Metal Clay design, I began to envision a way in which I could combine my love of jewelry design with my strong desire to encourage others.

I use words, numerology, and symbols on my designs to inspire, support and encourage others to maximize their potential.   I believe when we remember to embrace our true powerful/vulnerable selves, all things are possible. 

What I love most about my design process is the handmade newness, unpredictability of each piece.  I keep a sketchbook to jot down ideas.  Sometimes I'll draw a design.  Sometimes I'll write down a list of words that come to mind.  I love the finished piece, because it is always a surprise; a combination of thought, sketch, handy work and magic.


Beautiful Things

Julian Bailey Designs offers handcrafted fine silver, bronze and 14kt gold vermeil jewelry for women and men at retail and wholesale rates.  We also offer findings and components at a wholesale rate.


There is no passion to be found in playing small -
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living
— Nelson Mandela



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